Equipment Hire

These prices are applicable when you’re taking equipment away from Keppel Dive to use on your own boat, or on a shore dive.
Don’t have your own boat? Equipment hire can be packaged with a drop off to a beach in our vessel.

SPECIALS: You will receive a 10% discount for hiring equipment for consecutive days

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Equipment Price
Tank Hire $25.00
Tank Fills (must have had a hydrostatic test in the last year) $15.00
BCD $30.00
Regs (including computer) $35.00
Weight Belt (including weights) $10.00
Wetsuit (3mm shortie or 5mm steamer) $10.00
Mask & Snorkel $10.00
Fins $10.00
SAVE!! Single Dive Total package (tank, regulator, BCD,
wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel & weight belt)
SAVE!! Double Dive Total package (2 tanks, regulator, BCD,
wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel & weight belt)
  1. Hiring the above equipment is subject to the following terms & conditions:
    You must be a certified diver to hire a tank, regulator or BCD
  2. One current certification card must be presented for each set of scuba diving equipment
  3. Full payment must be taken to provide you with this equipment
  4. Refunds or credits are not provided if equipment is not used
  5. Replacement or repair costs are calculated on an individual basis. You’ll be required to reimburse Keppel Dive for these costs. These costs can be debited from your credit card you provide us.
  6. Costs are based on hiring the equipment for 24 hours
  7. Equipment returned overdue will pay the day rate less 20%
  8. Keppel Dive will not be blamed for any accident or other incident during the use of you hiring the equipment